Convert LP to CD, 78s to CD, Convert Cassette and Reel to Reel Tape to CD, and 45s Too! Includes Audio Restoration!


convert lp to cd convert record to cd We Treat Your Records Like Gold. Convert tape to cd

How 36 minutes of convert lp to cd, 78s to cd, or 45 minutes of convert tapes to CD with Level 1 Affordable World Class Audio Restoration is done for $20.00

This is the best way we have found how to convert LP to CD with audio restoration. We use a large arsenal of world class applications and hardware. The results are astonishing! The following lists the process and the tools we use to restore your audio with the Level 1 treatment:

Your LPs, 78s, tapes, and 45s condition is checked for restorability and then catalogued and staged for restoration. You will be notified if major flaws are found and to what degree this will affect the restoration. A detailed cost breakdown will also be provided for you before any work is started. Payment is due at this time. Restorations are on a First-Come, First-Served basis.

If your LPs, 78s, audio tapes, and 45s pass the restorability analysis, or we have conferred with you about your damaged media and the total cost has been agreed upon, your vinyl is then cleaned using a VPI HW-17 record cleaning machine. We use all high-end stereo equipment. For playing LPS and 45s a Bang and Olufsen Beogram 8000 turntable utilizing a SoundSmith contact line diamond stylus is used. For 78s, a Rek-O-Kut CVS 16 restoration deck, a Stanton 6 stylus kit, and a Rek-O-Kut Re-Equalizer is used. An Audiolab 8000Q preamp, Bryston 3BST, Monster 850i interconnect cables, Luxman phonostage, and a Delta Audio PCI sound card round out the high-end equipment. Converting cassettes to CD utilizes the same hi-fi equipment and are played through a Luxman KX-102 cassette deck.

24 bit 96khz convert lp to cd transfer with restoration starts: LPS and 45s are recorded to the computer hard drive. Next, the extremely large clicks and scratches are repaired using TC Electronic Powercore Restoration Suite's De-scratch plug in.

Clicks and pops will be repaired using either Algorithmix ScratchFree Pro, Waves Restoration Bundle's X-Click and/or Powercore Restoration's de-click. We then recheck again for any clicks or pops. At this point, only a few hollow pops or ghost pops (artifacts) remain that Sonic Foundry's noise reduction 2.0 usually repairs

The sound file is manually de-crackled using the "younglove method" which utilizes Powercore's decrackle plug-in or Algorithmix ScratchFree Pro. This removes the extremely small clicks with little or no degradation to the sound file. (Crackle can be thought of as the sound produced when you crush dry leaves.)

The sound file is now de-noised of broadband noise using either: Algorithmix Noise Free Pro, Powercore Restoration Suite's denoise, Waves X-Noise, Arboretum Systems Ionizer, or Arboretum System's Raygun Pro. These are used in very low settings.

De-hum is performed using Algorithmix reNOVAtor, Waves X-Hum and/or arboretum systems Ionizer. This ends the 24 bit 96.0KHz convert lp to cd processing.
Your sound file is converted to the 16 bit 44.1KHz CD rate, split into separate tracks, and burned onto an archival Silver-Silver CD. An upgrade to a printable Taiyo Yuden Water shield CD or a Printable 24k Tru-Gold CD is available. Your newly created CD will then be shipped to you in a paper sleeve.

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